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Building a Business by Design – An In-depth Interview with James Wedmore

Pat Flynn

Building a Business by Design – An In-depth Interview with James Wedmore


And That’s All There Is to It, Amigo!

So tell me, was that in any way valuable? I hope you believe that it was! Here on UKAdz, I make every effort to share only the best, most effective videos on the web.

The topics covered in our videos are significantly varied. These topics are gonna extend from writing sales copy to Amazon affiliate marketing. From proper monetization to forum marketing.

And much, much more!

We’re actually even gonna point you in the direction of “strange-but-powerful” biz ops.

Without question, when you actually start seeing money pour in from the internet, it’s damned exciting. It can be a lot of fun, as well! In fact, our videos can incredibly addictive. With zero side effects!

So I hope you decide to drop by again. I’d be grateful to know that you had become a regular visitor. To make this easily achievable, when you get set up with Global Profit System, you’ll end up on my daily newsletter. This newsletter is gonna alert you as I share new videos on this site! (It’s never going to be more than once per day, and you’re welcome to unsubscribe from the newsletter whenever you wish.)

So you get served in two powerful ways, in all actuality. A high-income system with which to profit (we’re going to talk about GPS soon)… But you also get to watch a continual stockpile of world-class video presentations. Use Global Profit System to start earning an online income, and utilize what you’re picking up via these videos to increase your earnings. You’re just succeeding like a freak of nature!

In any event, let’s go ahead and continue. At this point, I’d actually like to give you some of my own training to employ. You down? Cool! Let’s get it going…

Earning your income online commonly is dependent upon you doing three things well. You can change your entire reality with these three components.

Want to Succeed Online? Get These 3 Things Right…

1. All decent businesses must have something of high value to offer the world.

The offer may, depending on what you’re comfortable with, take the form of a product you’re promoting, a service you’re willing to provide (or arbitrage), or even valuable content, either paid or free.

Don’t forget, you can use ads to monetize free content! Selling is optional.

2. You’ve absolutely got to be able to get paid.

Many go with PayPal. Conversely, you can use Stripe, a bank account (sometimes), or any of dozens of other payment processors.

There are even merchant accounts that will issue you a prepaid VISA or MasterCard and deposit your funds directly into your balance!

3. You need an audience, or traffic. I mean let’s face facts. You can’t offer anything to anyone if there’s no one to offer it to. 😉

So Let Us Quickly Go Through These Once More…

In summary, you’ve absolutely got to have a benefits-focused offer. You’ll be in need of a top-quality way to get paid. Thirdly, you’ve absolutely got to have lots of high-quality traffic.

So Let’s Cut to the Chase… Here’s How to Make Money Online!

The best way for you to make money online really may be personality-dependent. It could be that you’re a big-time extrovert-type who is blessed with the speaking skills to pay the bills, and who would clearly be an obvious candidate to become the next big YouTube sensation.

Or if you’re a great writer, then perhaps blogging is up your alley.

Acting upon certain investment opportunities may also prove beneficial. If you’re willing to invest in certain tools and opportunities, then you may be able to achieve much more than if you’re just trying to wing it on your own.

Good thing there is actually a one-size-fits-all opportunity to earn a huge autopilot cashflow from the comfort of your home. And this is the topic I’d like to spend the remainder of this article chatting with you about.

Want a Full-Time Passive Income? Check This Out…

One of my favorite money-making systems is called Global Profit System. We’ve already spoken loosely about it above.

This is a fantastic “make money online” educational resource that also enables you to earn ridiculous amounts of money in more than one way.

In truth, three products that Ben and Anji promote for you within the GPS system. Yep, they use your affiliate links!

It’s phenomenal.

Here are the products…

1. Global Domains International

If you like passive, recurring income that other people build for you, then this is just the thing for you!

They issue payments on a monthly basis, and I’m telling you right now, your payments can end up becoming incredibly substantial.

This becomes obvious when you come to the realization that your referrals can actually bring in hundreds or thousands of brand new sign-ups of their own!

Some GDI affiliates are, no foolin’, pulling in a five-figure income every month. This is serious business, and shouldn’t,in any way, be ignored.

2. Aweber

In the world of email autoresponders, Aweber has become a household name. I bet the majority of online entrepreneurs say it’s the best. As such, dropoff is generally quite low.

You earn commissions when your referred customer makes their monthly payment. And don’t worry, my friend, people who use Aweber are prone to pay their bill!

Think about it. Not a single man or woman wants to say goodbye to his or her all-important list of subscribers… and the capacity to effectively email to said customers by way of the #1 autoresponder service in the industry.

Remember also that your customers will pay more as their email lists grow. And when this happens, so will your ongoing profits. But perhaps the best news is knowing you will never actually have to recommend Aweber. Global Profit System promotes it for you!

At this time, go in to your Global Profit System members area and check out the Aweber video (video #2) in the “System Setup” area. Not yet a free GPS member? Where the hell have I gone wrong? You really just need to take some freakin’ action already. Time to actually make something happen.

3. ClickFunnels

Russell Brunson’s Clickfunnels resource has become all the rage, and its affiliate program has ben creating millionaires. People are earning absolute fortunes with this one affiliate program alone.

The income with this program is passive and recurring, just like it is with GDI and Aweber. Clickfunnels affiliates are privy to a whole host of great perks. One such perk is that of the Clickfunnels team buying you your dream car!

Just log into your Global Profit System dashboard. In the “Clickfunnels” video, take a look at all that ClickFunnels has to offer you. In Global Profit System, you’ll find a link to sign up for the Clickfunnels affiliate program. Use that link and become a legend!

The truth is, by adding Clickfunnels to the mix, along with Aweber and GDI, multiple streams of ongoing, passive income is the result. Talk about 100 percent life-changing stuff, amigo!

“So How Do I Get Started?”

There’s just one assignment you need to complete right now… Start up a free membership at Global Profit System now.

Click Here to Get Started>>

The moment that you sign up for your free account through my link, you’re gonna be added to my daily money-making newsletter. As I stated when you first joined me today, being subscribed to my daily newsletter is gonnaenable you to access all the useful videos that we wind up showcasing here on UKAdz…

Better still, I will be offering you only the most useful tips and strategies to assist you in enjoying massive success with with GPS. This means that I’m gonna help you learn exactly how you can succeed with Clickfunnels, Aweber, and GDI!

And all that YOU ever have to focus on is promoting one single web page. You’re going to be learning how to do this in my daily newsletter. You definitely want to make sure that, on your Global Profit System registration page, it reads “Referred by: TerryTill.” By taking this simple step, you’ll be able to relax, knowing that you’re in competent hands. 🙂

At this time, I’m inviting you to grab your free account here.

All the rest will fall into place from there. 🙂

To your wild success,

Terry Till

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